Monday, November 5, 2018

Indiana Dems urge conservatives: vote Libertarian

Trump tweet about Donnelly 'trying to steal' election wrong, Indiana Democrats say -  Kaitlin Lange and Tim Evans, Indianapolis Star:

November 3, 2018 - "In a Saturday afternoon tweet, President Donald Trump accused Sen. Joe Donnelly, D-Ind., of 'trying to steal the election' by paying for Facebook ads for Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton.... Donnelly is locked in a tight race with Republican Mike Braun, who Trump stumped for Friday at a rally in Southport....

"A spokesman for the Donnelly campaign said the ads were paid for by the Indiana Democratic Party, which earlier paid for a mailer urging fiscally conservative voters that Brenton is a better choice than Braun. He referred questions to the party.

"Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody released the following statement in response to President Trump’s tweet:
The ads highlighting how Lucy Brenton is the true conservative in the Indiana Senate race are paid for by the Indiana Democratic Party. They are perfectly legal, factual, and accurately represent Lucy Brenton's anti-tax record. These ads draw attention to Rep. Braun’s record of voting to raise taxes on Hoosiers dozens of times as a State Representative while writing legislation to give himself tax breaks.
"Original story, October  29, 2018 - The Indiana Democratic Party sent out a mailer last week telling fiscally conservative Hoosiers there is a better Senate candidate than Republican Mike Braun. But in an unconventional move, .... the mailer praised Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton.

"The words 'Looking for a candidate who will really lower your taxes?' appear on the front of the flier. On the back, the mailer says that Brenton 'is an anti-tax conservative' while Braun 'raised Indiana taxes 159 times.' Donnelly isn't mentioned....

"Brenton said she was shocked that the Democrats used this tactic, but called the mailer 'accurate.' 'I am grateful for the free publicity highlighting my tax stance, but think it will backfire,' Brenton said. 'Many Democrats are Constitution loving, fiscally conservative voters and my message resonates with them, too. Ultimately, how well they targeted the addresses will determine which voters learn that they have a choice in this race that demands all of their freedoms, all of the time.'

"The Indiana Republican Party said the mailer was a 'desperate, late-game campaign tactic'."

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