Thursday, August 15, 2019

Who is Ken Armstrong?

Libertarian candidate for President brings his campaign to North Iowa - Mike Bunge, KIMT3 News:
July 18, 2019 - "A man whose life has taken him from the Arctic Circle to the Mediterranean is now traveling across America on his 'Healing Tour' for President. Ken Armstrong is running for the nomination of the Libertarian Party and his unusual campaign brought him to Iowa on Thursday. 'We’re going by car,' says Armstrong, ... [whose] staff consists of his road manager and Armstrong's dog Duke....

"Armstrong says he was working on the Alaskan Pipeline at 18, joined the U.S. Coast Guard and wound up serving with NATO, was named representative to the Pelagie Islands for the U.S. Consul General at Palermo, and also attended highly classified training under the auspices of the FBI and CIA in Management of Terrorist Situations. 'There’s been only one President in the last 40 years,' says Armstrong, 'that has more qualifications than I do in national security, government, international relations.'

"Armstrong says one of the goals of his campaign is to correct abuses of power by the men sitting in the Oval Office. 'One of our biggest problems right now is the Emergency Powers Act, the fact that the President can act without declaration of war and pretty much write his own check.'

"The Libertarian Party’s nominating convention is set for May 2020. To find out more about Ken Armstrong and his quest for the White House, click here."

Why Ken is a Libertarian – Ken Armstrong for President:
"Ken has identified as a 'libertarian' (with a small 'l') for nearly a quarter-century, but it’s only been the last dozen years or so that he became convinced that the Libertarian Party was a good fit for his world view.

"Like many people, it took Ken some time to understand the philosophical underpinnings of the Libertarian platform. 'It seemed to me,' Ken said, 'that Libertarians just wanted to legalize every kind of questionable behavior I could name. I wasn’t comfortable with a lot of that.'

"Eventually, Ken came to understand that Libertarians weren’t advocating for behaviors, but for rights and liberty. As he became more familiar with many of the passionate people within the party, he began to grasp the nature of the one party that truly advocates for the Bill of Rights, and the only party that stands firm on the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. 'When the framers of the Bill of Rights wrote the First Amendment, they weren’t encouraging offensive speech, but they were advocating for the freedom to speak offensively. Understanding the important difference,' he said, 'is to understand why I am a Libertarian.'"
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