Saturday, May 16, 2015

Why Stossel plans to vote for Rand Paul for POTUS

Why I plan to vote for Rand Paul for president | Fox News - John Stossel:

April 22, 2015 - "Sen. Paul confuses people. Some Ron Paul fans say Rand is not as committed to liberty as his father. But some of their complaints seem ambiguous.

"Yes, Rand avoids alienating conservatives because he wants the Republican nomination. But has he violated his principles?

"He doesn’t call for drug legalization but wants to decrease penalties, and he doesn’t rule out legalization.

"He voted for sanctions on Iran, which bothers hardcore libertarians, but of the policies under consideration, sanctions were better than war....

"He supported increases in defense spending, but at least he said they should be offset by reductions in other spending.

"Paul disappoints me by opposing gay marriage and saying a 'moral crisis allows people to think there would be some other sort of marriage'.... At least Rand did not ask the government to ban gay marriage. It’s a relief when a politician draws a line between what his religion tells him and what government ought to do.

"Where Rand Paul shines is in the clarity of his plans to shrink government.... Paul presented budget proposals (visible online) that left-wing critics like Vox say are 'the most radical vision of limited government ever presented by a major American presidential candidate (apart, perhaps, from Paul’s father, Ron Paul).'

"He wants to eliminate the Department of Education, Amtrak subsidies, the Department of Energy, foreign aid and other programs that do more harm than good. He would privatize Medicare and partially privatize Social Security.

"Paul criticizes crony capitalist subsidies, and, unlike most politicians who suck up to Midwestern farmers by offering ethanol subsidies, he proposes merely eliminating regulations that inhibit ethanol production. That’s libertarian.

"Paul’s practicing politics, but it’s still pretty libertarian politics. In fact, he seems to lean over backward to stick to libertarian principles – even while trying to sound like a mainstream politician."

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