Friday, March 30, 2018

Ex-RCAF member runs for Ontario LP in Quinte

Former military member represents Libertarian Party for Bay of Quinte provincial election : Prince Edward County News

March 25, 2018 - "A former member of the Royal Canadian Air Force now living in Madoc will represent the Libertarian Party in the Bay of Quinte riding in the upcoming provincial election.

Cindy Davidson, who grew up in Napanee, is a 24 year aviation and commercial transportation industry professional and adult educator whose career has taken her across the country. She returned to the Bay of Quinte region when she was posted to 8 Wing/CFB Trenton in 2009. In 2013 she was medically released for service related injuries.

"In her nomination media release, Davidson states she has considered herself 'an activist, advocate and change agent' since her early adult years.... She said government should be working for the people, absent of power, scandal, or corruption.

"''I am "of the people", not a member of the political elite in the province. I want to facilitate conversations on reducing the size and scope of the provincial government; on the non-government, free market, options to the services currently monopolized by government programming (i.e: healthcare, social services, education); on property rights and personal freedoms; and above all, on becoming the voice of the Bay of Quinte constituency.'

"Davidson plans an open-door policy where people will have access to voice their concerns and opinions on the direction of government. 'The Ontario Libertarian Party does not "whip" the votes of its members, therefore I am free to vote the collective conscience of the constituency, not the will of Party leadership or lobbyists. As an elected member of the Ontario Libertarian Party’s Ethics Committee, I bring forward a commitment to ethical and moral governance, vowing to remain a representative of the people, working for the people, to bring positive change and fiscal responsibility through the application of Libertarian policy and philosophy.'

"Key Libertarian issues include reducing the size and scope of the government through motions to repeal regulations that infringe upon property rights and personal freedoms; working for a fiscally-responsible government; eliminating monopolies in the health and social services sector; repealing regulations that give Crown Corporations sole access to markets such as liquor and cannabis and promotion of free market alternatives to all goods and services now monopolized by the provincial government."

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