Monday, March 12, 2018

Record 50 Libertarians running in NC in 2018

In Wake County, the Libertarians Are Coming—and They’re Not Just Old Whites Dudes Looking to Skip Out on Taxes | Wake County | Indy Week - Erica Hellerstein:

March 7, 2018 - "Robyn Pegram ... a twenty-four-year-old Apex [North Carolina] native, had been a Democrat, but the party's handling of Bernie Sanders's candidacy and the HB 2 aftermath left her feeling alienated. Pegram had always been interested in libertarianism — 'I had always kind of prided myself on being a free thinker,' she says — so she switched.

"A few months later, Pegram made another big decision. She filed to run against state representative Nelson Dollar, the seven-term Republican whose district covers parts of suburban Wake County, because she 'wanted to be a voice for the people' and believed his seat was winnable....

"Pegram isn't the only local Libertarian with high hopes for 2018. She's one of a record number of Libertarian candidates running for office in Wake County, a trend party officials chalk up to voters' dissatisfaction with the two-party duopoly and a growing Libertarian presence across North Carolina. Statewide, the party is fielding six congressional candidates, twenty-one state House candidates, fifteen state Senate candidates, four sheriff candidates, and four county commissioner candidates.

"In all, fifty Libertarian candidates are running for office in 2018, including sixteen in Wake County.

"'The people of North Carolina deserve real choices in the voting booth, and we have an amazing group of people who have made the commitment to serve,' wrote Libertarian Party of North Carolina chairwoman Susan Hogarth in an email announcing the party's 'record-setting slate' of candidates. 'In an environment dominated by political expediency, the growing energy in the LPNC tells us people want something more'....

"Any sort of Libertarian movement in North Carolina, in fact, will face an uphill climb. Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson received less than 3 percent of the vote in 2016; Sean Haugh, the Libertarian Senate candidate, garnered 3.6 percent."

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