Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Shutdown protests come to Ontario (video)

Windsor protesters call for end to COVID-19 shutdown | Windsor Star - Dalson Chen:

April 24, 2020 - "Despite a global pandemic, regular business should resume immediately, according to a small group of Windsor protesters who took to an intersection to demonstrate on Friday. Holding up signs with messages like 'End the Shutdown' and 'I Got Bills,' about six people gathered at Walker Road and Ottawa Street to show their disagreement with ongoing restrictions meant to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

"'The devastation to the economy is worse than the problem,' said Constance Thomson, who carried a placard with the words 'All Business Essential.' 'I don’t think we should have shut down at all'.... Thomson downplayed the international health crisis as a 'so-called emergency pandemic' and compared the novel coronavirus to the flu. 'Viruses are always a threat,' Thomson said. 'We deal with viruses all the time.'

"Regarding frontline health care workers who have seen thousands of COVID-19 patients over the past seven weeks — including 763 dead in Ontario ... 'Kudos to our healthcare workers, but this is what they signed up for. This is what they’ve been doing since the day they started working,' said Thomson, adding that she used to be a registered nurse....

"Some of the demonstrators wore yellow jackets — a reference to the niche right-wing 'Yellow Vest" movement in Canada in late 2018 that criticized the Justin Trudeau government on issues ranging from immigration to the carbon tax.

"Friday’s protest in Windsor had an event page on Facebook earlier in the week, started by 'Yellow Vest' organizers. But the page was deleted on Wednesday. Facebook Inc. recently announced that the platform will remove posts and groups promoting protests that don’t follow public health directives."

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The Ontario Libertarian Party is sponsoring a shutdown protest May 16. Details are here.

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