Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Immunologist banned from U of Guelph campus

Dr. Byram Bridle

Byram W. Bridle | University of Guelph, Ontario Veterinary College

"Dr. Bridle is a viral immunologist.... One arm of his research program is dedicated to designing and optimizing novel biotherapies ... to harness the natural power of a patient's immune system to eliminate their own cancer cells ... to treat cancers more effectively, safely, and at lower cost than current options. The second arm of his research program focuses on studying host responses to viruses and other inflammatory stimuli.... The Bridle lab is harnessing their expertise in making potent cancer vaccines and combining this with their interest in anti-viral immunity to develop vaccines to protect against infectious diseases such as those caused by highly pathogenic coronaviruses.... He also counts it a privilege to teach students in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduate and undergraduate programs at the University of Guelph."
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U of G prof says he is receiving workplace harassment after sharing vaccine concerns | Guelph Today - Kenneth Armstrong:
June 19, 2021 - "A University of Guelph professor says he is being harassed by colleagues after speaking out publicly about concerns he has with current COVID-19 vaccines. Byram Bridle is an associate professor of viral immunology at U of G and for over a year has been speaking publicly about concerns he has about current COVID-19 vaccines being offered to the public.... In a previous interview with GuelphToday, Bridle expressed concerns with vaccines, but did not label himself as anti-vaccination. 'As an immunologist, I like to point out that I really promote the value of vaccines,' he told GuelphToday last December. 

"Bridle ... was interviewed on a Global News radio program two weeks ago where he was asked if there could be a possible link between reports of heart inflammation and COVID-19 vaccines. 'I felt I could express concern and that there might be a possible link between this heart inflammation that is occurring and these COVID-19 vaccines,' said Bridle. He said his life was turned upside down after the interview aired and likened the response by many to a nuclear bomb going off. 

'I have been undergoing daily attacks either through email or people attempting to call me,' said Bridle. “I should also mention I am experiencing harassment — lots of harassment — in the workplace'.... One form of harassment, said Bridle, is a web site that was registered under his name.... He said the web site that was created is libellous and a Twitter account that was also developed seeks to slander him. Bridle also claims that private medical information about his parents was leaked.... 

"Last year, a team of researchers that included Bridle received provincial funding to the tune of $230,000 to develop a potential COVID-19 vaccine. Bridle’s concerns with current COVID-19 vaccines has been adopted by many people online who believe them to be harmful."
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Controversial U of G prof criticizes school's vaccine mandate | Guelph Today - Daniel Caudle:
Sep 27, 2021 - "University of Guelph associate professor Byram Bridle has penned an open letter to U of G president Charlotte Yates calling for an end to the vaccine mandate. The letter from Bridle, associate professor of viral immunology at the Department of Pathobiology, requested the ‘favour of a reply’ from Yates, asking that the response not be deferred to public health officials or a committee. 'Instead, a reply with the scientific rigour expected from a scholarly colleague rebutting each of my comments and addressing each question' ... Bridle’s letter stated.

"Bridle’s letter states he could not be in stronger disagreement with Yates for forcing the current COVID-19 vaccines upon everyone who is part of the campus community. He outlines those with naturally-acquired immunity don’t need to be vaccinated and are at greater risk of harm if vaccinated and how testing for naturally-acquired immunity was a viable option but ignored. The U of G was reporting recently that of those who submitted information, 99 per cent are partially or fully vaccinated and one per cent have requested or been granted an exemption....

"Bridle said in his letter: 'My concern is not primarily for myself. I am using my case to highlight how wrong your vaccine mandate is. I am more concerned for the more vulnerable on our campus. I hold tenure, and if ever there was a time when this was important, it is now.'

"Going against the university's mandate which requires all faculty to have both doses of a COVID-19 vaccine or a medical exemption, Bridle said he has been 'banned' from campus for at least the next year. 'I can show proof of immunity against SARS-CoV-2 but you will not allow me to enter buildings. But someone else can show a receipt saying that someone saw two needles go into their arm and you will allow them to enter,' he said in the letter.... 

"'I have found it necessary to write this so you can fully understand my perspective. With my life and that of my family, many friends and treasured colleagues being destroyed under your watch, I figure the least you can do is read and consider this very carefully. It is incredible to note that many, if not most, of my on-campus detractors have judged me without reading any of my scientific arguments or talking to me about them.'"

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Bridle's Open Letter:

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