Thursday, November 25, 2021

German gov't thwarts Merkel's planned lockdown

Germany’s new coalition government ‘thwarted Merkel plan for two-week lockdown’ | The

November 24, 2021 -  "Germany’s new government thwarted a plan by outgoing Chancellor Angela Merkel to put in place a two-week Austria-style national lockdown, German tabloid Bild reported on Wednesday.... Merkel put forth the proposal on Tuesday evening, and according to Bild the lockdown would have applied from Thursday onwards. It was however knocked back by the incoming government, who said it would have been interpreted by the public as a 'bad political trick' in tandem by the old and the new government, Bild reported on Wednesday afternoon. 

"Citing several sources close to the government, Bild said Merkel wanted to cut rising infection rates through a ‘handbrake’ style national lockdown, which would have included closures of bars, restaurants and shops. Like Austria’s lockdown, which came into effect on Monday, November 22nd, the measure would have applied not only to the unvaccinated, but also to those who have been vaccinated against Covid or who have recently recovered from the virus. 

"Germany’s new Infection Protection Act came into effect on Wednesday, which prevents such a nationwide lockdown and instead places greater responsibility on Germany’s 16 federal states. Therefore, the new act restricts the current government’s power to put in place a nationwide lockdown should it be deemed necessary and will require agreement from the states should harsher measures be adopted. 

[This new amendment restores the situation that existed in Germany prior to April 2021, when the Merkel government amended the Infection Protection Act to allow the federal government to impose  lockdowns. - gd] 

"Covid cases have been surging in Germany in recent days, hitting record heights. Several parts of the country, primarily in the heavily-hit south, have put in place restrictive measures including stay at home orders and requiring restaurants to close." 

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