Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Highway litter bugs Mississippi Libertarians

All About that Trash: Lafayette Country Libertarian Party Regularly Picks up Litter on Hwy. 6 |

April 15, 2015 - "Picking up highway trash may not seem like a political statement, but for the Lafayette County Libertarians, it is a way to demonstrate the principles of their party.

"The local group regularly cleans up their adopted section of the Highway Six bypass. Their most recent pick-up day was April 11.

Group members were appalled at the huge amount of trash they picked up along just one mile that day. The Mississippi Department of Transportation spends a reported $ 3.2 million yearly on litter.

"'Highway litter is a huge problem in our state and our local areas that costs a great deal of money to clean up,' said Richard Gaines, Lafayette County Libertarian chair. 'But our volunteers collect not a penny of taxpayer money'....

"In his blog about the reasons for the trash pick-up, Gaines wrote, 'By voluntarily cleaning up a part of Oxford, we’re showing that such things can be done without the government demanding that they be done or penalizing those who don’t take part. It’s a small gesture on our part, but a small group of volunteers can make a lot of progress.'"

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