Saturday, April 18, 2015

People's Cube's Rand Paul denouncement page

People's Official Rand Paul Denouncement Thread - Commissarka Pinkie, People's Blog, People's Cube:

April 17, 2015 - "Welcome to the People’s Official Rand Paul Denouncement Thread™, where comrades are cordially invited to smear, trash, bash, revile, excoriate, and otherwise assassinate the character of GOP Presidential Candidate Rand Paul. We want you to have fun, and all we ask is that you do not say anything nice about him, mainly because there is nothing nice to say.

"Bad. Dangerous. Evil. Stupid. Liar. Bloodthirsty. Vile. Hypocrite. Villain. Scum. Monster. Traitor. Tyrant.... I refer, of course, to Rand Paul, who wants to steal the 2016 election. I hate Rand Paul, and you should, too. Everyone should hate him....

"Rand Paul will destroy society, civilization, and all of humanity forever. George W. Bush only destroyed everything till the end of time. But Rand Paul will take the mass destruction into infinity and beyond, and laugh the whole time he’s doing it.

"Mass starvation, homelessness, joblessness, death and disease will be everywhere. Everyone will be thrown out of their homes and onto the streets, forced to take shelter in cardboard 'Paulvilles'....

"Rand Paul is also guilty of treason because he’s one of the 47 Republicans who signed that sick, seditious letter to Iran. This already disqualifies him from the presidency. If Iran gets a nuclear weapon and uses it, you can blame Rand Paul — unless, of course, they drop it on Israel, in which case — well, you can still blame Rand Paul. No one should give Rand Paul credit for anything.

"Rand Paul hates women, which should come as no surprise since he hates everyone and everything except his own lust for power.... Why, the only reason Rand Paul is running for president is to stop Hillary, and why? Yep, you guessed it — because she’s a woman. And Rand Paul hates women. Hates them, hates them, HATES THEM!"

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