Friday, December 6, 2019

Ontario LP asks town to stop mass eviction

This is shameful. There is snow on the ground in Ontario. Nightly temperatures are below zero. People can die outside in this weather. Yet Napanee town council wants to evict 20 formerly homeless people living in an unlicensed, unzoned trailer park - just in time for Christmas! Kudos to the Ontario Libertarian Party for speaking out. -George J. Dance

Advocate asks Napanee town council to allow homeless trailers, for now | The Kingston Whig-Standard - Meghan Balogh:

November 29, 2019 - "The leader of the Ontario Libertarian Party spoke to Greater Napanee town council on Tuesday on behalf of a man offering illegal housing for homeless people. Keith Komar ... spoke in support of what he and others are calling the Stepping Stone Homeless Shelter — a collection of trailers that Napanee resident Scott Drader has assembled to house homeless individuals on his property.... In a letter dated Nov. 15, 2019, the Town of Greater Napanee told Drader to stop using his property as a trailer park, and gave him a deadline of Nov. 25 to remove the trailers....

“'I’m here today to ask the council to provide a stay on the order of cease and desist until at least April 1, to allow Scott to work towards a more permanent solution to this very grave situation,' Komar said to council. Drader currently has five trailers housing 13 people without homes. Another seven are living in his house. The individuals pay him $390 per month to cover hydro and heating costs.

"Komar described a 'groundswell of support' behind Drader’s cause, including a petition with more than 1,500 signatures in his support.... Komar acknowledged that Drader is breaking a zoning bylaw by housing people in trailers on his property. Komar said he is going to be assisting Drader in applying for a minor variance to the zoning bylaw.

"He pointed out that what Drader is doing isn’t costing the Town of Greater Napanee or its taxpayers any money — Komar referenced crowdfunding and said he would also be helping Drader set up a non-profit organization. According to Komar, Drader’s end goal is a 'tiny home park,' either at his current location or in a new location.

"Komar told council that he knows Drader’s setup is 'not a perfect solution,' but that it’s better than nothing. 'I understand it’s not an ideal situation for these people, but for now in the interim, until we can work together to put something together that works better, it’s better than on the street,' Komar said. 'I want you guys to consider that'....

"Coun. Dave Pinnell Jr. asked that people stop referring to the property as a trailer park.... Coun. John McCormack ... pointed out that Drader was told at a council meeting in June 2018 that his property was nonconforming.... 'You here tonight, knowing him for five days, asking for us to make changes to the situation … who’s to say that next year we’re not five extra trailers, 10 more trailers?'...

"Council members [also] raised concerns about safety, including heat, water and sanitation. Komar said the trailers have had health inspections and have been examined by the fire inspector.... 'I would ask you to think on what is a greater health risk: being at the trailer park where Scott has a roof over their heads, or to sleep on the streets,' Komar said."

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