Friday, December 13, 2019

SD Libertarians launch hemp legalization website

'Hemp. We're On It': State Libertarian Party Launches Parody Website - KDLT News:
December 12, 2019 - "There’s a new campaign for legalizing industrial hemp in South Dakota and it has a familiar slogan. The South Dakota Libertarian Party launched this website called ‘Hemp. We’re on it.’ It’s a parody of Governor Noem’s anti-meth campaign, ‘Meth. We’re on it.’ The website also mirrors the one for the anti-meth campaign with links to resources like contacting state lawmakers....

"Governor Noem vetoed a bill earlier this year saying legalizing hemp will legalize marijuana by default. State lawmakers are currently working on a new, similar bill."
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South Dakota Hemp Education and Awareness Campaign:
"The state legislature already passed legalization of industrial hemp once, only to have Governor Kristi Noem veto the bill because she doesn’t believe her constituents are responsible enough to grow hemp, even though industrial hemp has only a mere fraction of the THC of marijuana.....

"The benefits of industrial hemp have been recognized since long before its prohibition, and neighboring states are already profiting from its growth. Legalization would mean a new, competitive cash crop for our farmers, and a new industry for South Dakota businesses and consumers to develop.

Please sign our petition and get involved. To quote that other website, “With the help of all South Dakotans, we can ensure the bright futures of our communities are realized.'"
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