Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Caucus goes to Ron Paul - Branson Tri-Lakes News News Free - Caucus goes to Ron Paul: News Free

Caucus goes to Ron Paul - Branson Tri-Lakes News:

January 20, 2012 - "Saturday’s nonbinding Taney County Republican caucus was a decisive victory for Ron Paul, though the results are being formally contested to the state GOP by the losing side.... While Paul supporters scored major wins in other caucuses Saturday by partnering with the backers of frontrunner Mitt Romney, such was not the case in Taney County....

"The selection process was not without contention. A clear rift formed between Paul supporters and a group allied with the Taney County Republican Central Committee and Branson’s Tea Party Patriot HQ.... Tera Sukman, director of Tea Party HQ, expected the Paul contingent to be strong and said she spent $1,000 advertising and encouraging registered voters to attend. At least 240 were in attendance at one point Saturday....

"Sukman, who doesn’t support Paul, said she and the central committee are contesting the caucus’s results. She plans to send a letter to Missouri GOP chairman David Cole that details a number of Kershaw’s procedures she questions, including his insistence that presidential candidates not be discussed — though he had been echoed in that ruling by others."

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