Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Austin Petersen wants constitutional government

An Exclusive Interview with Presidential Candidate Austin Petersen - J.W. Holland, Good Men Project:

March 26, 2016 - "Libertarian Presidential candidate Austin Petersen wants you to know something — he wants to leave you alone. In fact, that is the theme of his surprisingly successful campaign to become the nominee for the Libertarian Party.

"I recently sat down for a phone interview with Mr. Petersen, the thirty-five-year-old owner of Stonegait LLC, a for-profit consulting company. Petersen’s resume also includes: former Director of Production for FreedomWorks, former associate producer for 'Freedom Watch' on Fox Business Channel that was hosted by Judge Andrew Napolitano, and he is also currently the head [of] the Libertarian Republic, one of the top Libertarian focused news sites on the internet.

"I asked Petersen his reasons for running, 'I am trying to advance the constitutional viewpoint. I am trying to advance the limited government viewpoint — the true fiscally conservative, socially tolerant viewpoint that Libertarians represent,' he said, noting that his reasons for running were held by very few that are currently in the race for President. He contrasts himself from a standard Republican candidate by saying, “Republicans tend to want limited government in terms of economics or fiscal matters, but tend to have issues with personal privacy.” He pointed to recent hot-button issues involving the NSA and Republicans willingness to, in his opinion, 'violate the fourth amendment'. He went on to say that Libertarians “Fight for all of the Bill of Rights” and while their stance on many fiscal issues was similar to the Republicans 'we tend to deviate on issues of privacy and national security.'

"Petersen is fully aware of the uphill battle that a third party candidate faces in winning the presidency. 'To win the presidency outright I need about 35 million dollars' and that for a Libertarian candidate is no small task. He continued: 'That would require a revolutionary movement across the entire United States, it would require some institutional support.' Petersen went on to express his goals if, financially, his campaign couldn’t garner that kind of monetary support: 'With 1.5 million dollars I will be trying to achieve a minimum of 5% of the national vote.' Petersen says that with his digital strategy expertise and far less money he can garner the 5% that would garner the Libertarian Party full ballot access and major party status. That accomplishment would make it far easier for future Libertarian candidates to compete on a national level with the other major parties."

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