Monday, March 14, 2016

Colorado Libertarians choose Williams for Senate

Libertarians nominate Lily Williams for U.S. Senate in Colorado | The Colorado Independent:

March 12, 2016 - "Gambling tables, booze, and attendees sporting 1920s speakeasy-themed attire were the backdrop to this year’s state nominating convention of the Colorado Libertarian Party.... Men in white suits, hats and bow ties mingled with women in flapper-wear. A three-piece band playing in the background competed with the sound of gambling chips bouncing off felt tables around the room. There was a silent auction for a 1922 phonograph machine....

"Nationally, the Libertarians are the third largest political party, and that’s also true in Colorado. There are about 25,000 active members in the Centennial State. (For comparison, the Green Party has about 7,000.) And while their ranks in government here include posts on local water and sanitation boards, no Libertarian holds a state or federal office in Colorado....

"[T]wo Libertarians gave speeches, stumping for their party’s nomination in the big Colorado U.S. Senate race.... Lily Tang Williams, an immigrant and real estate investor from Parker, Colorado, ... gave an impassioned speech to the crowd in which she called herself a former 'slave' from Communist China who will turn Washington upside down.... Williams, 51, was running for the nomination against Gaylon Kent, 50, a humorist writer from California who lives near Steamboat Springs.... In 2014 he got a record 2.6 percent of the vote in the U.S. Senate race between Democrat Mark Udall and Republican Cory Gardner....

"Williams received more support than Kent, who later chose to run successfully for the nomination as the Libertarian Party’s choice for the 3rd Congressional District. Williams was considered again for U.S. Senate, and received unanimous support, so she’ll be on the ballot in the fall.

"In an interview with The Colorado Independent, Williams said what she meant by being a slave is that when she came to America at 24 she realized that’s what she’d been while in China.  'I did not know I was a slave,' she said. In China she couldn’t vote, and couldn’t own guns or private property. When she first came to America, she said, if she’d taken a political quiz she would likely have identified with being a statist.

"'When you are brainwashed all your life you do not know the difference,' she said. 'You don’t know how to think out of the box.'

"Then she met her husband, a Libertarian. It took him 20 years to 'really reverse my indoctrination,' she said. She became a Republican, but left the party after the Bush years and came into the Libertarian fold. She’s running for U.S. Senate because she opposes big government, the Common Core educational standards, corporate welfare, and the nation’s surveillance programs. Coming from China, she says she’ll have no problem calling out her Senate colleagues as communists if she has to. She’d limit herself to two terms.

“'I think I’m a mainstream American who cares about freedom,' she says. 'If I have a chance and the press treats me fairly about my race, reports about my race, if they invite me to the debates, I think I can win because my message is universal.'”

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