Friday, March 11, 2016

Nationally televised Libertarian debate April 1

Good News! Libertarian debate on TV, moderated by Stossel | Libertarian Party - Wes Benedict:

March 3, 2016 - "There will be a debate of Libertarian presidential candidates on TV this year!

"Many thanks to John Stossel and FOX Business Network for making this happen. A nationally televised debate is long overdue and we are delighted that it is finally happening...

"So please help us spread the word about the upcoming debate on FOX Business Network.

"It will be filmed on March 29 and aired on April 1.

"We'll update you on key details such as the time it airs as these details become available.

"A limited number of free tickets are available. To request them, email"

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Stossel: What are libertarians doing wrong? | Fox News - John Stossel:

March 9, 2016 - "The Stossel TV show on the Fox Business Network will host a Libertarian presidential forum. Three leading Libertarian presidential candidates -- 'leading' because they placed top three in a poll done by the Libertarian Party -- will debate. They are former New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson, software entrepreneur John McAfee and Libertarian Republic founder Austin Petersen.

"The forum will air, unfortunately, on April 1. But this is no April Fools' Day joke. Our future is a stake."

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