Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Democrat endorses Libertarian in NC's 9th CD

Democrat supports Libertarian in 9th District congressional race | Richmond County Daily Journal - William R. Toler:

June 22, 2018 - "A two-time congressional hopeful is throwing his support behind a third-party candidate.

"Democrat Christian Cano announced June 14 that he is endorsing Libertarian Jeff Scott for North Carolina’s 9th Congressional District seat currently held by lame-duck Republican Rep. Robert Pittenger.

"'I know that Jeff Scott will fight for my family and all our families equally in Congress,' Cano said in a letter on his campaign website. “More importantly, he is not beholden to the corporate deep pockets in Nancy Pelosi’s political machine, President 45’s (Donald Trump) hatred and bigotry, or the privileged interests focused on preserving the status quo and the ways they benefit.'

"Scott said he was 'extremely pleased' with the endorsement. 'This opens a lot of important doors for me to swing voters in this district,' he told the Daily Journal....

"Cano also accused the other candidates of being involved in collusion or corruption during the campaign.

"'As a progressive and person of faith, major party collusion and corruption is a non-negotiable issue for my family and many of our families,' he said. 'I have decided to put our country over party and endorse Jeff, because I know where he stands on the real-world issues facing our rich culturally diverse working-class and struggling neighbors'....

"Cano made sure to say that his endorsement of a Libertarian 'does not and will not alter our complete dedication and support for flipping our North Carolina General Assembly' in the much-anticipated 'blue wave,' with Democrats replacing Republicans in November’s mid-term elections.

"Cano lost the Democratic primary last month to Dan McCready.

"Pittenger was defeated by former Charlotte pastor Mark Harris in the Republican primary. He narrowly won a recount against Harris in the 2016 primary and handily won over Cano in the general election."

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