Friday, June 1, 2018

Sault Libertarian campaigns for jobs, health care

Libertarian candidate says he'll bring jobs back to the city - - James Hopkin:

May 16, 2018 - "Sault Ste. Marie Libertarian Party of Ontario candidate Lance Brizard says that one of the most common complaints that he heard from passengers while driving cab in the city was a lack of quality jobs. He says that one of the primary pillars of his electoral platform is to make investment attractive....

"'We basically want business investment to flow back into Ontario and bring quality jobs with them,' Brizard said via email. Brizard ... is proposing a number of ideas in order to promote business investment:
  • Cutting electricity bills by canceling contracts to subsidized energy sources getting paid way over market value regardless of generation quantities
  • Ending ‘time of use billing’ for power companies, which forces people to do chores at specific times of day or on weekends
  • Opposing carbon taxes, which the Libertarian Party believes is just a money grab and does nothing to help the environment
  • Cutting corporate tax to zero, while still charging corporations HST for the 'first year or two,' to attract business, then raising taxes 'incrementally' over time
  • Reducing redundant regulations and red tape slowing down investment
"Another common complaint amongst his cab fares had to with the delivery of health care locally.

"'We want to reduce wait times and provide better service at our hospitals,' Brizard said.... The Libertarian Party is proposing to do this by offering OHIP, but without a ‘government monopoly on provincial health care.’

"'We would allow private competition to compete with OHIP for your portion of the health care tax pool,' Brizard said. 'Ontario residents would now have the choice to remain with OHIP, or to divest from OHIP and invest in a private health insurer option that might provide better services for the same tax allotment.'

"Brizard says that under this system, OHIP would have to 'either adapt and become more efficient, or be replaced by private health insurers,' adding that the system the party is proposing would be regulated to prevent the province from slipping into a more 'American healthcare model which benefits nobody but the insurance and pharmaceutical companies.'"

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