Thursday, June 7, 2018

Toronto Guardian gives 2018 Libertarian platform

Libertarian and Green Party 2018 Ontario Election Guide:

May 28, 2018 - "Whether it is being excluded from debates or not spoken about in the news, less known candidates should have an equal voice to allow citizens to vote the party that they most agree with. Two of these parties that are often pushed aside are the Ontario Libertarian Party and less so the Green Party....

"A recent Maclean’s article allowed each of the 3 main parties to showcase their standings on several topics. We are going to add to that with responses we received by the Ontario Libertarian Party....

· we intend to Reduce the Size and Scope of Government
· we intend to reduce spending within government where possible
· initiate a balanced budget and debt repayment plan over 30 years....
· we would end all Government subsidies....

· end Corporate income taxation, of course Corporations will still collect and remit HST
· Reduce the Ontario Land Transfer Tax to be a flat fee of $275....
· we will repeal the job-killing Cap & Trade Carbon Tax and opt out of any National carbon pricing scheme....

· repeal the Green Energy Act
· eliminate time of use billing
· end discriminatory delivery charges crushing rural residents
· remove all subsidized power from the grid....

"Health Care
· Patients will be able to choose the OHIP system or a non-government alternative
· average per person healthcare funding will be attached to the individual and not to OHIP
· allow non-Government insurance options in addition to OHIP....

· allow existing (and new) private operators (Pot Shops) to operate competitively within Provincial regulations not unlike the way that cigarettes are currently sold in Ontario
· Ontario government should NOT be involved with retail distribution of marijuana....

· Parents will be able to choose the school their children attend, government or non-government schools
· per student funding will be attached to the student and not the school...."

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