Monday, June 4, 2018

Big gov't fosters victim mentality says ex-principal

Big government fosters 'victim mentality': Simcoe North candidate | - Frank Matys, Orillia Today:

"Cynthia Sneath’s dislike of big government is rooted in her time as an educator. Now retired, Sneath, the Ontario Libertarian party’s candidate in Simcoe North, taught for 15 years in York Region before becoming a vice-principal and then a principal.

"'I really noticed a shift in the last, maybe, five or six years in some of the curriculum changes, where the Liberal government really got involved in taking over parts of education that parents used to deal with,' she said.... 'Character education, how to eat properly, being physically active … and then the sex-ed curriculum,' she added by way of example.

"The answer, as Sneath sees it, lies in smaller, less intrusive government. ''There are 380,000 regulations that govern our lives and they just keep passing more and more bills,' she said....

"If elected, a Libertarian government would remove regulations to allow for 'non-government options along with government options' in a broad spectrum of services, health care included, she said....

"Growing government involvement in people’s lives has fostered 'a victim mentality to develop in a lot of people,' Sneath added. 'Where they feel that if something goes wrong and they can’t solve it themselves, they need the government, they need a bailout,' she said."

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