Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Does Ron Paul Stand A Snowball's Chance In Hell?

Does Ron Paul Stand a Snowball's Chance in Hell? - James Ellis, Business Insider, Apr. 27,2011.

"Dr. No brings some significant strengths to this campaign that were lacking in his previous efforts. Most important, he is a proven fund-raiser and should be able to raise enough money to run real campaign operations in the early states. Second, he has a much wider political network than he did in 1988 or 2008. His son Rand is the new US Senator from Kentucky. He helped out a large number of Tea Party candidates in the 2010 GOP Congressional landslide. Third, as Joe Weisenthal pointed out earlier this week, the issues that Rep. Paul has been talking about for years are much more 'mainstream' today....

"The key for Rep. Paul will be to use issues to expand his appeal. Princip[al] among these is a call for a rapid wind-down of the three wars (Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya) and a much more pragmatic foreign policy. None of the 'major' GOP presidential candidates want to talk about this at all (and they don't). It's something Republican primary voters are dying to hear someone say. If Paul says it, he will gather more support."

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