Monday, April 18, 2011

Canadian Libertarian federal candidate talks issues, election |

Canadian Libertarian federal candidate talks issues, election - Toronto Headlines | - Apr. 17, 2011:

"Judi Falardeau will be running as the Libertarian candidate in the Toronto Centre riding for the upcoming Canadian federal election. Falardeau will be the face of limited government and personal liberty in the electoral district election.

"The Libertarian Party of Canada doesn't have any seats in the House of Commons in Ottawa, but it is trying to get the message out to Canadians.... Falardeau is not political by nature, but with so much talk from politicians saying they want to help or improve something, 'especially something in the name of the "common good," it is always the bureaucrats and the machinations of the state that benefit most....

“'With the advent of so much alternate (non-mass media) information, we are privy to enough information to correctly ascertain the frightening powers of government,' said Falardeau. 'Waste in government is staggering. And government hypocrisy is even more so.'"

Libertarian Party of Canada

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