Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ron Paul's "Liberty Defined"

Ron Paul's "Liberty Defined - Becky Ayers, The New American, Apr. 19, 2011:

"Maybe you’ve studied political philosophy extensively; Liberty Defined, though as “accessible” and “easy to digest” as its publisher promises, will still thrill you. Here is a Congressman of 12 terms who spouts such condemnations of government as, “Do our leaders in Washington believe in liberty? They sometimes say they do. I don’t think they are telling the truth.” A page later, he briefly reviews the wars and genocide of the 20th century to warn that “the threat of government today, all over the world, may well present a greater danger than anything that occurred” then. All this, and we haven’t even left the Introduction!

"One of the good doctor’s greatest services to liberty is his evangelizing. His principled, consistent, and breathtakingly courageous stance for freedom over the decades, his integrity, his courtesy and gentlemanliness, under even the rudest, most ignorant attacks, have converted legions from their faith in Leviathan."

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