Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Who is John Kittredge? Canadian Libertarian candidate speaks out - Toronto Headlines | Examiner.com

Who is John Kettridge? Canadian Libertarian candidate speaks out - Toronto Headlines | Examiner.com - Andrew Moran, Apr. 25, 2011.

Kittredge "first became politically active during the 1960s when he 'fell in love with objectivism' during his academic days in university....

"Although [Kittredge] feels libertarianism isn’t a 'total knockoff of objectivism because it’s much looser,' he is a 'practical realist” and believes that anytime there is a 'minimal movement towards less rather than more, it has demonstrably always been beneficial.'...

"The St. Paul’s candidate feels politics is not a 'rational exercise,' but from his perspective when they executive things politically it is an awful experience and he understands this from first-hand experience because he has worked with government organizations.

“'Their performance system is very poorly structured in getting things done,' said [Kittredge]. 'I see that, but it’s hard to get into quantitatively. I go back to the opportunity-loss thing; we human beings have a very difficult time understanding something that isn’t within our own experience.'”

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