Monday, November 4, 2013

Danville (VA) Register & Bee endorses Libertarian for governor

Libertarian Robert Sarvis for Virginia governor - Danville Register & Bee,

November 3, 2013 - "[T]he Danville Register & Bee has — for the first time ever — endorsed a Libertarian candidate for public office.

"Our endorsement of Robert Sarvis for governor was in some ways a process of elimination that stemmed from a failure of the Republican and Democratic parties to nominate candidates that we could support — and the voters could have confidence in. This year, the two parties have played a cynical game of 'the lesser of two evils.'

"But a political endorsement has to be about more than just voting for a candidate who is marginally better than the other guy....

"In this year’s gubernatorial race, which candidate is the lesser of two evils?

"The fact that we’re asking that question this late in the campaign means that the two-party system has failed to produce a clear favorite for those voters who look not for the party label, but instead want candidates that will inspire, impress and lead them....

"Robert Sarvis offers a real alternative this year, a break from the two-party paradigm that has not served us well."

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