Friday, November 1, 2013

Ken Cuccinelli courts libertarian vote in VA

Ken Cuccinelli’s Libertarian Love Affair - The Daily Beast - Ben Jacobs:

October 31, 2012 - "Can the anti-sodomy candidate be the standard bearer for libertarians?

"Ken Cuccinelli sure hopes so.

"The Republican nominee for Virginia governor — who tried and failed to reinstate a ban on oral and anal sex in his home state — has been doggedly courting the party of individual liberty in a last-minute attempt to save his candidacy.

"Cuccinelli’s campaign has been lagging in the polls, with the latest Washington Post/Abt SRBI poll putting him at 39% among likely voters compared to 51% for Democrat Terry McAuliffe and 8% for Libertarian candidate Robert Sarvis. Those voters won’t propel Sarvis to the statehouse — but they could make a big difference for Cuccinelli, if only he can win them over. His bet: Virginia libertarians might not like his social conservatism, but it’s got to be preferable to McAuliffe’s big-government zeal for Obamacare.

"So he’s been touting the endorsement of free market hero Rep. Ron Paul, and at a campaign stop in Fairfax Monday, he was accompanied by Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY).... There were some confessed libertarians in the group. Jason Bowles of Fairfax, an earnest unshaven 28-year-old wearing a blazer, insisted that 'the real libertarian running is Ken Cuccinelli.' He thought Cuccinelli’s strong opposition to Obamacare made him the clear choice."

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