Thursday, November 21, 2013

Snitker: Republican making "false claims" about LP in Florida

November 20, 2013 - "In a recent letter to the editor Bob Veit, Republican Party State Committeeman, wrote about a visit, Libertarian Adrian Wyllie, made to the St. Augustine Tea Party. In his opinion piece Mr. Veit explains perfectly why Adrian, myself and many other Libertarians do not belong to the Republican Party. He and other leaders like him have been and still are willing to say anything to try to scare people into continuing to vote for the members of the Republican Party. "In this opinion piece he wrote:
'They are at it again. The Libertarian Party, after successfully electing a Democrat governor in Virginia as opposed to a Republican supported by the tea party, is making a run here in Florida that will guarantee the same result. It’s public record that a major financial backer for the Virginia Libertarian Party candidate was also a Democrat fundraiser for Obama’s last campaign. Curious??'
"This elected official in the Republican Party wrote something that is completely false. Exit polling proved that Sarvis, the Libertarian candidate for governor in Virginia, was supported by more people that identified themselves as liberal on Election Day than those that considered themselves conservative....

"He is also claiming that there had been a conspiracy perpetrated by the Democrat Party to have Sarvis in the race. This again was absolutely false.

 "As written about in this NPR article:
'But a few things are off here. The $150,000 that they cite went to an existing Libertarian PAC, not the candidate. A co-founder of the PAC says less than $20,000 found its way to Virginia, for both Sarvis and legislative candidates. And the mystery donor is more generous to Libertarians than to Democrats.
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