Friday, November 22, 2013

Judi Falardeau: Libertarian candidate in Toronto Centre byelection

November 25, 2013 By-Elections - Our Candidates | Libertarian Party of Canada: Judi Falardeau, Toronto Centre:

"Bio: Judi Falardeau lives in Old Cabagetown where she works as a Chef.

"Why Are You Running?: Judi claims she is not a politician and doesn't want to be one, but she is running because she is alarmed at the power and size of government at all levels.  Libertarians believe that government power should be limited and their size significantly reduced.

"Your Top Issue: Limited Government

"Issue Details: Bureaucrats are forever planning a project here, a moved gas plant there, a program for special interest group A, a subsidy for industry sector B. We all pay for these schemes through taxes, fees, fines, and licenses. Libertarians believe in free enterprise and competition - not in government monopoly."

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