Wednesday, November 20, 2013

What Makes Libertarians Run?

What Makes Libertarians Run? - George J. Dance, Nolan Chart:

November 16, 2013 - "[I]n the recently-concluded governor’s race for Virginia ... a Democrat beat a Republican by a mere 1% of the vote.... But that wasn’t the only story: In the same election, Robert Sarvis, a little-known candidate with a campaign budget of just $200,000, won more than 6% of the vote. Never before has any Libertarian candidate for governor of Virgina - even Bill Redpath, National Director of the Libertarian Party at the time he ran - ever received as much as 1% of the vote. Until now, 6% for a Libertarian in that state was simply inconceivable.

"This is not the only ‘personal best’ that Libertarians have achieved recently. Last year, for instance, Gary Johnson received more than a million votes: the first time, in the Libertarian Party’s 40-year existence, that its presidential candidate has passed that benchmark. While that was still a small fraction of the vote (less than 1%), other Libertarians - such as Dan Cox, senatorial candidate in Montana - scored, like Sarvis, in the high single digits.

"Those signs of progress ... have led to attacks on the Libertarian Party, and even to advice/demands for it to disband. Sarvis’s best-ever showing has begun to prompt similar reactions."

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