Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Moneybomb & LP raise $12K to put FL Libertarian on ballot

Libertarian Party rallies massive fundraising to get Lucas Overby on ballot - The Global Dispatch - Brian Cole:

November 19, 2013 -"A weekend campaign money bomb, coupled with a generous donation from the Libertarian Party of Florida (LPF) worked together Monday evening (Nov. 18) to secure Overby’s slot on the ballot for the March 11, 2014 Congressional District (CD) 13 Special Election. This contest will decide who fills the congressional seat left vacant since October’s death of long-time Florida Republican Congressman Bill Young.

"Between the fundraiser and the LPF donation, Overby brought in over $12,000, comfortably above the required $10,440 filing fee needed for the Libertarian to be listed along with his Democratic and Republican opponents.

"The Overby Campaign organized the money bomb late last week, after the petition-drive effort to get Libertarian Party (LP) Candidate Lucas Overby’s name listed alongside the Democrat and Republican fell short by a heartbreaking 19 signatures.

"Overby for Congress campaign workers gathered over 1,600 petitions, and submitted in excess of 1,300. However, the Florida Division of Elections (DOE) Office in Tallahassee only approved 1,153; Overby needed 1,172 to earn ballot access."

Read more: http://www.theglobaldispatch.com/libertarian-party-rallies-massive-fundraising-to-get-lucas-overby-on-ballot-90370/
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