Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Libertarian Robert Sarvis takes 6.5% in Virgina

Libertarians’ silver lining in Virginia - Sean Sullivan, The Fix, Washington Post blogs:

November 6, 2013 - "Libertarian Party candidate Robert Sarvis was never going to win the Virginia governor’s race. But he did better than most others in his party who’ve run for the top job around the country, the latest bit of encouraging news for advocates of the libertarian political philosophy, who have found increasing traction in recent elections.

"Sarvis finished a distant third on Tuesday, winning just 6.55 percent of the vote. Not enough to get his party future ballot access.... But stacked up against past Libertarian candidates for governor, Sarvis’s performance all of a sudden doesn’t look so bad.

"A University of Minnesota Smart Politics analysis found that his share of the vote was good enough for third all-time best among Libertarian candidates for governor and the best in a decade....

"The conventional wisdom is that it is a bad development for Republicans, the thinking being that Libertarian candidates are siphoning votes away from Republicans more than Democrats. But exit polls indicate Democrat Terry McAuliffe still would have won without Sarvis in the picture, pre-election polls suggested Sarvis wasn’t tipping the scales heavily in favor of either candidate."

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