Sunday, November 3, 2013

Joseph S. Diedrich interviews Andrew Kirell

Libertarian America: A conversation with Andrew Kirell | Washington Times Communities - Joseph S. Diedrich, The Business of Living:

 "MADISON, Wis., August 3, 2013 ­― Andrew Kirell, senior editor at the news outlet Mediaite, prides himself on 'chronicling the blowhards in political media.' Before joining Mediaite, Kirell worked on John Stossel’s production team at Fox Business and ABC News. Overwhelmed by journalistic magnetism, he decided to forego television production to pursue writing and editorial work.

"Kirell, who is heavily influenced by his experiences at George Mason University studying under free-market economics professors like Walter Williams, Byran Caplan, and Don Boudreaux, enjoys using his position at Mediaite to dish out some 'equal-opportunity mockery of the Northeast Corridor’s worst bloviators.'"

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