Saturday, November 9, 2013

TIME: libertarians "capable of throwing any election in their direction"

Who’s A Real Libertarian Now? | - Nick Gillespie:

October 29, 2013 - "The American Values Survey is based on responses gathered in late September and early October from a representative group of about 2,300 adults. The researchers used answers to questions about national security, economics, and 'personal liberty' to create a 'Libertarian Orientation Scale.' By such measures, 7 percent of Americans are 'consistent libertarians' and another 15 percent 'lean libertarian,' meaning they oppose increased government spending on things such as military operations and domestic surveillance, raising the minimum wage, and environmental regulations.

"Such fiscal conservativism is matched by social liberalism, with libertarians in favor of legalizing marijuana, protecting abortion rights, allowing doctors to prescribe life-ending drugs, and keeping the Internet unregulated. Libertarians are much more likely than most Americans to be male, white, and under 50 years old. They are also far less likely than most Americans to be religious and to think that religion has a place in politics. This puts them at odds with 'other key Republican base groups' such as the Tea Party movement....

As befits people who put a high value on individualism, libertarians don’t fit easily into existing political categories even as they are far more likely to pay close attention to politics than the average American (56 percent of libertarians versus just 38 percent) and to always vote in primary elections.... "That means that the 22 percent of Americans who are consistent libertarians or lean libertarian are fully capable of throwing any election in their direction. That makes them the true wild cards of American politics."

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