Wednesday, November 27, 2013

New educational Libertarian book for youth

Educational Libertarian Book for Youth Released:

November 12, 2013 - "Really Big Coloring Books Inc. of Saint Louis, MO releases educational activity book for youth, parents and teachers detailing Libertarian Party principles, values and history....

"'American youth are searching for leadership and prosperity. They should be taught individual freedom is the most important factor of a nation. Government serves the people - people are not government servants,' according to the book's Publisher, Wayne Bell....

"Included are pages on the Libertarian beliefs of a free and independent society, explanation of how the president must obey the U.S. Constitution and how government officials and their offices are servants of the people.

"Included are modern day examples of Libertarian success stories.... Many teaching examples for youth include how privatization can better serve the needs of the people versus an overbearing inflated government bureaucracy. Pages featuring a political quiz and puzzles, games, mazes, crosswords and listings of Libertarian Organizations will provide the reader with thought provoking information and resources."

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